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all-day James River Baseball Christmas T... @ James River High School Football Stadium
James River Baseball Christmas T... @ James River High School Football Stadium
Dec 6 – Dec 7 all-day
We will have 5ft-12ft trees, wreaths, garland, food, music, and more!  So come on out and start celebrating the holiday season with us!

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Mr. Titus – Thanks for getting my two boys, Cory and Adam Chaffin, ready for college, and for all of your support during those years – Tina Kendall
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign
Mr. Titus, Your leadership while Todd & Kate attended JRHS was always inspirational. A particularly emotional memory (still) is seeing you standing in front of the school with your blaze yellow vest on when I dropped off Todd the day of the Sniper scare. I was hesitant to let him attend school that day, but your presence reassured me beyond words. Thank you for all of your support for the JRHS Regiment and all other activities while they were in school – Martha Wellons
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign
I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Titus. He was a visionary as a leader of James River High School, and has given his life to helping other students and teachers wherever he’s been. Mr. Titus is confident, calm, and humble, and he just does things right. If there was ever a problem, James River knew that John Titus would know how to handle it. I am thankful that he was my leader for many years at James River and that he is a partner on the Board of RBI with me – Pete Schumacher
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign
Mr. Titus- RBI could not have completed this project without your guidance, support and vision. Thank you so much for everything you have done for James River High School and the surrounding community. – Shane Smith-Board Member
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign
Mr. Titus, there are many reasons I can think of to thank you. Believing in this private-public partnership is one and believing we could create the building is another. The most important reason to thank you, however, is for the leadership your faculty demonstrated to my family when my son became a temporary special needs student after his brain injury. That mirror image of your leadership is your legacy. – Lisa Germano
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign
Mr Titus, you are an amazing man and proven leader. Your years at the helm of JRHS were amazing. As a parent of an athlete and musician I am inspired by your dedication to athletics and the arts. Our band program benefited immensely from your support and I will always cherish your presence at our meetings and events. Thank you Thank you Thank you Liesl – John and Liesl Delisio
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign
Mr. Titus – you are an inspiration and I am proud to have served with you on this Board of RBI – Craig Schwartz
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign

I Appreciate John Titus

Building Campaign

Let’s Put Mr. Titus’s name on the building that was built with his vision! Help us achieve this by December 31, 2014 

The Building

Make a donation and add a personal note to Mr. Titus, as you know he was famous for writing to others – now it is his turn to receive them- remind him of how he impacted your life, about the note he sent to you that was meaningful or just tell him how much you appreciate him. As a member of the founding Board of Directors for this James River High School centered nonprofit called RBI, he has made a difference in Chesterfield County that spreads wider than James River High School. Check out RBI’s mission. It has his signature all over it.

Matching Donor wants us to raise $50,000!

  • $50,000funding goal
  • $5,275raised
  • 40days left

$5,275 Raised

Goal: $50,000


John Titus was the visionary principal at James River High School who saw the opportunity for a public-private partnership to be a successful way to integrate the school with the community.   This partnership would be a model for other public high schools to partner with local businesses to do similar good works in times of reduced school funding.  Little did Mr. Titus know, but the building he helped to build on the James River High School baseball field with the approval of the School Board, would turn into a beautiful facility groomed by the high school baseball coaches and admired by many people far away.  Mr. Titus deserves recognition in the most public of ways:  His name on this facility.

Help us make this happen with your donation. We need 1,000 people to donate $50 to fulfill a $50,000 matching gift by December 31. That also means anyone can lead a group of 10 people who each donate $5.  Or, if you are not able to donate money, perhaps the best gift of all is your time: To find others by passing on the word back to alumni – donations can be your time to find others who attended JHRS or their parents, who may want to honor Mr. Titus in this manner. Please post on our Facebook Page your donations of time and talent!  All proceeds will be used towards the financing for the building that will bear his name.

Thank you for helping us achieve our mission!  Click HERE to Donate




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