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Mr. Titus, there are many reasons I can think of to thank you. Believing in this private-public partnership is one and believing we could create the building is another. The most important reason to thank you, however, is for the leadership your faculty demonstrated to my family when my son became a temporary special needs student after his brain injury. That mirror image of your leadership is your legacy. – Lisa Germano
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign
  His most recent endeavor as part of a unique school -private partnership has been in the construction of a baseball facility intended to have a long lasting impact on the youth of our community. Take a moment and make a difference. – James Schroeder
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign
During my time at James River, Mr. Titus was an exceptional leader and a great inspiration to the faculty, staff, and student body alike. I am honored to have had Mr. Titus as our principal and I am extremely appreciative of the work he has done and continues to do for RBI. Thank you Mr. Titus! – Collin Lawless
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign
Mr. Titus – you are an inspiration and I am proud to have served with you on this Board of RBI – Craig Schwartz
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign
Mr. Titus – Thanks for getting my two boys, Cory and Adam Chaffin, ready for college, and for all of your support during those years – Tina Kendall
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign
Mr. Titus- RBI could not have completed this project without your guidance, support and vision. Thank you so much for everything you have done for James River High School and the surrounding community. – Shane Smith-Board Member
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign
    John Titus is a man of integrity and I was blessed to learn from him as a new teacher. He is extremely professional and recognizes and affirms the positive contributions of his employees! It is easy to be a fan of a man who stands by his word and leads by example. I am thrilled to make this donation and help commemorate Titus’ legacy at JRHS! -Rebecca Sherman Perry
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign
I have worked in the education community in one capacity or another since graduating from law school in 1986. In all of those years, I have come across some wonderful educators. Two made lasting positive impressions on me. The first was C. L. Slonaker, principal of Robious Elementary when Michael was there. The second was John Titus. In all of my years working with principals across Virginia, I have never seen a priI know most of you would agree with me. During his tenure teachers, students an…
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign
Mr. Titus was a fantastic role model for students and faculty alike at James River. I still remember being in awe of him my first year in the building as a teacher & I know that James River would not be the place it is today without his amazing leadership and vision. Thank you Mr. Titus for all that you have done and continue to do for our schools! – Josh Thomas
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign
Superior Value=John Titus How do you measure value? Money ? Things? or legacy and influence that you have left in a community. The value that John Titus has brought to our community can not be reduced to a line item or spread sheet. Although he has added to every citizens property value in Chesterfield county by leading James River High School to a Blue ribbon school recognized as a top HS across the country . His greatest contribution has been the lives of teachers and students he has influence…
I Appreciate John Titus Building Campaign

This transformation would not have been possible without your support!  Thank you John Titus!

Our old JV Baseball Field at James River High School

Thanks to your vision we now have this wonderful facility!  Thank you John Titus!

Thanks to your vision we now have this wonderful facility! Thank you John Titus!

Thank you so much for your support!

John Titus, former principal at James River High School

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I Appreciate John Titus

Building Campaign

Let’s Put Mr. Titus’s name on the building that was built with his vision! Help us achieve this by December 31, 2014 

The Building

Make a donation and add a personal note to Mr. Titus, as you know he was famous for writing to others – now it is his turn to receive them- remind him of how he impacted your life, about the note he sent to you that was meaningful or just tell him how much you appreciate him. As a member of the founding Board of Directors for this James River High School centered nonprofit called RBI, he has made a difference in Chesterfield County that spreads wider than James River High School. Check out RBI’s mission. It has his signature all over it.

John Titus was the visionary principal at James River High School who saw the opportunity for a public-private partnership to be a successful way to integrate the school with the community.   This partnership would be a model for other public high schools to partner with local businesses to do similar good works in times of reduced school funding.  Little did Mr. Titus know, but the building he helped to build on the James River High School baseball field with the approval of the School Board, would turn into a beautiful facility groomed by the high school baseball coaches and admired by many people far away.  Mr. Titus deserves recognition in the most public of ways:  His name on this facility.

Help us make this happen with your donation. We need 1,000 people to donate $50 to fulfill a $50,000 matching gift by December 31. That also means anyone can lead a group of 10 people who each donate $5.  Or, if you are not able to donate money, perhaps the best gift of all is your time: To find others by passing on the word back to alumni – donations can be your time to find others who attended JHRS or their parents, who may want to honor Mr. Titus in this manner. Please post on our Facebook Page your donations of time and talent!  All proceeds will be used towards the financing for the building that will bear his name.

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